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One of the main benefits of social media, is that it allows you to come across unique and talented creatives. I saw a piece of Asha’s work that a friend had posted and instantly fell in love with her style of illustration. With many questions around Asha’s art surfacing in my head, I thought it… Read More Asha +


Tannika Taylor, an individual who has featured on my blog a number of times with regards to her fashion brand, Unique Boutique London. For anyone who anyone who isn’t familiar with the young entrepreneur, Tannika amongst all her creative talents is also an author of a trio of books. Time is Money, which is self… Read More TIME IS MONEY


acia [ah-cee-ah] Latin: thread; line; yarn acia – a newly found fashion brand created by an individual who is looking to break the boundaries in the fashion world. Suril built acia as a brand with individuality and self expression being key elements. There’s no doubt it sets out to be one of the most highly… Read More ACIA