Tyler in Tyler


Golf-Wang-1So Tyler, the guy who had once said “I fucking hate fashion and everything about it. I just like making stuff and it happens to be in fucking cotton and, like, materials. But that shit is disgusting.” has decided to grace us with his first fashion show that took place 10/11th June in L.A.

In his defence, I can confidently say that his clothing is far from what you’d normally see in high fashion. What we first see is a simplistic bedroom, we’re talking bed, wardrobe… and yeah that’s it actually. Tyler kicks off the show by doing the most relatable thing for anyone of this era, he wakes up and checks his phone. The only difference between us and himself is that he gets to wake up and put on his GOLF slippers, followed by his GOLF gown and hat, then walk to his GOLF wardrobe and see what he’d want to wear out of all the dope ass GOLF clothing in there.

Mate, It only gets better.

The show was presented with so much character; the Odd Future personality was so present in every aspect, from the floral set, to the carefree, L.A., skater attitude portrayed by the models. It was somewhat animated, almost as if we were watching an Odd Future cartoon of sorts. No doubt Tyler’s eccentric nature (the very aspect of his being that endears  him to his fans) shone through in this showpiece. The clothing was simple enough for its consumers to picture themselves in, but significant enough for you to buy it off of eBay for double the price if it sells out. Peak.

In an a recent interview, Tyler had said:

“I just make whatever clothes I want to wear for the next five months and then run that. I don’t really put deep, intricate thought into it—it’s more like a feeling, I just figured, ‘Why not? Why not do something different?’ Not everybody in the upper fashion world is wearing all-black Saint Laurent pieces and is super pretentious. I want to show them a differentworld.”

It wouldn’t be a show without a short performance from the man himself to close. His speech was just as authentic as the show, it was genuine, meaningful and you could tell that it came from  an honest place. However, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t come without his customary fuck filled vocabulary. Tyler has definitely shown us that he can surpass our expectations when it comes to his level of creativity, by not only being a talented musician but now a promising designer. Subsequent to the show he introduced to us his upcoming shoe brand named Golf le Fleur (translated to flower boy according to him), which should be due to launch towards the end of 2016It was at this point Tyler selected one of his day one fans to open an envelope which read “From Golf to you, pick a shoe” before running across the stage pointing and shouting “you get a shoe” continuously to the audience.

What a fucking show.

He stands corrected to name himself Tyler the CREATOR.

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