James Jebbia, this is the man we have to thank for some of the waviest street wear clothing that we see today. Supreme was first established in none other then NYC in 1994. Whilst we saw the development of the brand, (James Jebbia was actually working for another line named Stussy) he would begin to mirror the skater culture that manifests in the downtown area. You will always find his stores designed with a vast amount of open space through the centre, this is down to James making it easily accessible to skaters on their boards (how considerate.) As for the red box logo, inspiration was taken from Barbara Kruger‘s propaganda art. To me, there seems to be a lot of thought put behind every aspect of the Supreme brand, down to each collaboration that they’ve had; each collab has been a reflection on how Supreme’s simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing image can showcase a moment in time through its urban produce.

Supreme have never held back when it comes to using the less obvious with their products. They have featured with the likes of Supreme x Malcolm McLarenThe Pink PantherComme des Garçon and MISFITS. That in itself is enough information to keep me curious. So now, I’m about to show what some of my favourite Supreme collabs so far! 




This has to be one of my favourites, purely for the fact that the movie is amazing.. 

Questionable nevertheless. The movie tells us the story of a group of young teens based in NYC, it takes us through the mischief that they get up to, but the dark realism it projects for kids growing up in the big apple is what makes it so memorable. With the AIDS epidemic hitting a high, this was a main feature that was made very apparent in the movie (it’s so peak.) The collection features some key moments that would only make sense to you if you’ve seen the movie; it allows you to appreciate the collab between the two so much more.




The name might not initially ring a bell, but you must definitely be familiar with his music, ‘Bounty Hunter,’ ‘Englishman’ and ‘Robin Hood’, songs which dominated this genre of music during it’s time. They are celebrated through the helping hand of Supreme. In this collection Barrington Levy and reggae producer Hyman “Jah Life” Wright are represented through their timeless music related artwork. As of now, this is one of Supremes most latest collaborations, celebrating an amazing musician and showcasing the culture of that time.




Now this collection of boards and tee’s has to be one of the most far-fetched. What we see to some may be considered completely twisted, however, the sicko in me has so much appreciation for it. Picture Hitler, with a member of the KKK, a kid in black face and a clown… I don’t know what’s worse. We then see the second design which shows two young girls sacrificing a baby to Satan whilst their parents gladly observe. I would honestly love to know the thought process of this man when he started to develop this concept because it’s nothing that would be able to make it mainstream, purely for the amount of controversy. 



Robert Crumb was well-known for his comics which have been described by many as being sarcastic and critical. His self published comics that were known as Zap Comix (1968) gave the artist the exposure away from the underground scene. It’s no surprise that he managed to grab the attention of Supreme’s James Jebbia in order to feature some of his work with the clothing brand.




The thought of Supreme working with Playboy can only leave you somewhat curious. Supreme were able to make the bunny logo that we all know and recognise (for different reasons) look swank. Playboy has become one of the most established brands in history. Although fashion wasn’t their primary product, it is definitely a brand that could take it there if in the right hands. A collaboration which has worked so well that the pair have joined forces numerous times.

Their first collab was available in 2011, where we saw a collection of jackets, jerseys and jumpers. In 2014 a trio was formed by Supreme, Playboy and Vans who created some dope ass vans. My favourite would have to be their latest though, where the two created some tracksuits, caps and shirts.. The whole lot looking oh so summery. They went in! 




Terry Richardson alone has a unique outlook that can’t be duplicated. To me the reason why this feature works so well is because the pair are both are just as bad as each other… in the best way possible. This collab took place in 2008 when Terry Richardson had photographed Kermit in a classic supreme tee. So simple yet so fucking amazing. The two have always been in cahoots with each other.


THE NORTH FACEsupreme-the-north-face-2016-29-2Supreme joining forces with The North Face brought us some of the dopest outerwear that you may get your hands on. The range of jackets has perfectly shown us how the two brands work together, from statement colours to worldly graphic prints and everything you wouldn’t think of in-between. The North face as a brand on it’s own, is known for its quality yet fashionable outerwear. The collaboration between the two has flourished over the years and we have consistently been given an influx of innovative and stylish products. 


tumblr_mq09o5oOqo1qkoopko1_500Now, if you can get your hands on any one of the products from this short lived collection you’d be lucky. Supreme (with their big ass balls) had the Louis Vuitton mono graphic logo printed on all of their boards, caps and featured in their box logo. It only took Louis Vuitton 2 weeks to get every item recalled, as I said, if you have anything from this collection you’re fully winning in life.



Okay now, this dude actually has no collaborations with Supreme (which I fail to understand) as of YET, but I’m staying hopeful to the idea that we will see Tyler coming with a fresh and funky, yet weird line for the brand. To me, this guy is a representation of what Supreme should look like.

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