“I have a dream…” Someone should’ve told Martin Luther King that the various forms of discrimination that have been taking place since day one… could’ve been resolved with (drum roll please) a cold can of Pepsi. Not even a Coke, but yes a Pepsi. Luckily for us we have Kendall Jenner, who managed to help us protest against the world’s political issues using the canned drink. The new campaign, which was released on April 4th, has been a massive flop to say the least and had the various social media platforms going bananas.

Okay, quick run down of the video – A peaceful protest is taking place, the streets are full of a multi-cultural crowd. Nearby Kendall Jenner is having a photo shoot. A fellow Pepsi drinker then sways her into ‘joining’ the march, to which she responds by dashing her wig before making her move. After leaving her shoot, Kendall then makes her way through the crowd complete with a new wardrobe and obviously a can of fizzy, and hands it to the officer as some kind of peace offering. A Muslim photographer appears to be ecstatic over this encounter and smiles with pure glee as she documents this life changing moment in history. The crowd cheers, they hug and they high-five. The End.

Pepsi who “were trying to project a message of unity, peace and understanding” through the simple gesture of offering a beverage as a peace offering is completely wrong and insensitive, to the fact that people die as a result of police brutality daily. The message that the company were trying to put across looked nothing more than a joke and can’t be taken as anything less then an insult for the people who have to face these unjust inequalities on a daily basis.

A white model who has yet to show face at an ACTUAL protest, was the front woman of the coca co… I mean Pepsi campaign. Kendal’s role within the ad campaign has been compared to the powerful moment in which Ieshia Evans made a stand during a police brutality protest in 2016. As inspiring as this picture was, to take a serene moment where a black woman is fighting for her rights and to make it seem very lighthearted is just rude.

This could well have been Pepsi trolling us (I hope to god this is not a troll) to get the video circulating and to push their product, but nonetheless, it is a poor attempt at trying to execute a political message. The thing that baffles me the most is that at this moment in time we are facing and trying to overcome so many problems which are related back to inexcusable behaviour that come from the police. But apparently none of us are bright enough to consider offering a rightly underrated fizzy beverage. Sigh.

P.S. The video was removed shortly after it’s release

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