Eartha Kitt

eartha kitt

I was doing my research to write up a piece on Eartha Kitt and suddenly found myself at a pause, simply thinking, “What hasn’t she done for me to write about”. A singer, actress, dancer, activist and a comedian… She might as well have had superpowers. Oh, not to mention she spoke 5 languages and sang in 7.

If you don’t find yourself familiar with Eartha Kitt, she was responsible for a number of big hits and on screen roles throughout her career. Eartha Kitt’s, who was conceived of rape, born on a cotton plantation is just a prime example of a woman who showed us that you can achieve what you set your mind to, regardless of your background.

Recently images and videos have been surfacing on social media of the accomplished Eartha. I felt as though these are the individuals who we should admire when it comes to following by example. This isn’t going to be a post about how social medias influence of society’s behaviour and perceptions, not on this occasion anyway. But with social media altering our perception of reality, it easy to get distracted from what’s important. An individuals such as Ms Kitts, is a reminder of what one woman can accomplish and how she was able to continue to be virtuous as a woman.

Eartha Kitt’s was unapologetically herself and made a point to be heard when it came to political matters. The ‘Kittsville Youth Foundation, a chartered and non-profit organisation for underprivileged youths’ was established by none-other than Kitts in ’66. Whilst doing this, Rebels with a Cause was the name of a youth group from Washington D.C., who were encouraged to make efforts to clean up streets and establish recreation areas in order to keep them out trouble.

Not only this, but Eartha was also a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. These are just two of the examples we have this woman who first handily used her platform to help in any way she could.

This being said, Eartha’s involvement in these groups wound her a seat at the table for the Ladies Luncheon, to discuss the turmoil following young boys being sent overseas to partake in the Vietnam War. This meaning she couldn’t perform in the states until the matter had subsided 1968.

It’s amazing what one woman can do.

eartha kitt 3

So when Eartha wasn’t giving a helping hand, she had both heels dug deep into the entertainment industry. With a voice full of class and soul, Eartha without a doubt was going to create some timeless songs, which she did. She had 6 US top 30 hits, and is responsible for giving us C’est si bon as well as Santa Baby. These were just 2 of her songs which managed to reach the US top 10. Whilst her career did start off in Broadway, when she feature in the New York musical in 1945. And for any DC comic fans, in the 60’s Eartha played the role of Catwoman in the Batman TV series. Down to her worth-ethic and noticeable talent, Eartha was able to stay current by managing to herself a cameo on The Simpsons episode “Once Upon a Time in Springfield” where she played Krusty’s ex. This episode aired in 2010, just over a year before Earth sadly died. One of her more notable roles was when Eartha took on the character of Yzma in The Emperors New Groove back in 2000.

It’s needless to say that this woman has left her mark in the industry; her wisdom filled words can even be heard in the intro of Jay Z’s 4.44 music video. Eartha who spoke unapologetically as a woman, embraced all her emotions and spoke out honestly about matters that she held important to her. What we can take away from Eartha is that a lot of what she fought for in her time is still find relevant today. For a woman, who grew up as a slave, working on a cotton plantation and was more or less an orphan. She definitely made the best out of her life. With a name like Eartha she was bound to do good.



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