On the 9th December 2017, a peaceful protest will be taking place in London, starting at Belgrave Square, leading to The Libyan Embassy in Knightsbridge.


It is absolutely shit, to an uncompromisable level, that I’m having to write a post about this. And truth being told, I’m not really sure what the right approach to this is, but here goes anyway…

It would be naive to say “it’s 2017 and slavery does not exist?!”. The naivety stems from the fact that we have allowed ourselves to believe that discrimination and slavery was allegedly put behind us when the British empire passed the bill in the House of Commons and House of Lords in 1833. Not only this, but throughout our childhood, in our history books we are shown and taught a world in which slavery ceases to exist in the modern world. We have been led to believe that it genuinely had been abolished. Now, for me personally, the fact that legislations were put into practice doesn’t mean that slavery actually met its end… and evidentially, the world, as we know it has shown this to be a fact. I am sure that Libya is not the only country guilty of these inhumane acts, but have recently made it very clear as to what is taking place outside the western world.

Living in a first world country has given us the privilege to live in ignorance when believing that this has been left in the past, when in the present people of colour are still being treated and perceived as inferior to whites, they are still being used as slaves by those with these beliefs and ideologies. We are currently in a time and place in society, where information sharing lies at our finger tips. With a constant reminder through the various social media platforms as to what is taking place across the globe, it forces the public to wake up to what is happening around us. 

This isn’t the post for me to discuss why said acts are still taking place, but ultimately to say that it is time that we put an end to this our way, the world needs to come together to make a difference to the future. Humans are being still being enslaved. MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE BEING FORCED AND SOLD AGAINST THEIR WIL INTO BARBARIC SITUATIONS ACROSS THE WORLD.

Libya is not the only country criminal of human trafficking in the 21st century, but for the sake of the upcoming protest it is best to focus on the facts we have been presented. Human beings are being sold and stripped of their rights to live free.. These individuals “are at high risk of multiple grave violations of their human rights, such as slavery, forced labour, trafficking, arbitrary and indefinite detention, exploitation and extortion, rape, torture and even being killed”. According to the UN, 700,000 migrants are in Libya. Now tell me how many of these humans will be forced into being exploited? How many men, women and children have to be raped, tortured, extorted or even die from lack of food and water for people to start understanding the severity of what is happening in our world? It is easy to switch off when it is not on our doorstep or does not impact us directly, we are all guilty of this, but there comes a time when we need to use our voices to make a difference. History as we know it has presented us numerous events and public figures that we should be looking to for inspiration to act on the changes that need to take place NOW!

Every person who is able to attend will be a message to these individuals that we will not stand for what is currently happening. Each person who is able to attend is a reminder to those who are facing these acts that they have our support. It’s not enough to talk about how bad the world is, but being righteous for the people in the world who aren’t able to live life freely. 


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