Who’s setting the trends?

Where does your fashion inspo come from? For me, there’s no doubt that I get mine from musical influences. Fashion and music seem to share a bond in expression, so when it comes down to looking for someone to influence you, you really will not be short of options. Also, depending on your mood and who you’re listening to, your style could go from embodying a hypebeast to looking feminine chic. Your inspiration shouldn’t be limited to gender either. I say this because there are certain men within the industry who are giving me life with their swag, and I will easily find myself looking for them for insight. I find myself shopping in the mens sections for statement pieces or just simply for cozy threads. So here, I will be presenting you guys with my favourite musicians who are dominating the fashion scene!



No introduction needed! Rihanna is undoubtably one of todays fashion moguls; setting trends by basically wearing what she wants. After collaborating with various established brands over the years, she has now taken fashion into her own hands by creating her own brand, Fenty. Keep inspiring queen!


A$AP Rocky 

Now, Rocky is probably one of the most diverse in my opinion. I guess when you have as much confidence as he does you can get away with wearing anything. The last 2 years have been big more him! Working with some of the worlds most high fashion brands, such as Dior, Levis, Gucci, Coach… What I love about ASAP Rocky (besides his braids) is that he is effortlessly able to transition from high fashion to looking swaggy in a life jacket.


Tyler, the Creator 

I’ve been obsessed with Tyler’s style from when I first discovered who he was. He is probably the most outrageously dressed out of most fashion icons, but evidently can do wear what he wants and make it his own. He became one of the first celebrity pioneers to rock Supreme, being a skater and having an interest in fashion, it only made sense. Now Tyler has developed his own fashion line, ‘Golf Wang’  which embodies Tyler’s odd, California, skater style and makes allows us to be apart of his culture.



SZA literally inspires me to dress baggy… or flirty. It’s two moods that she seems to give us constantly. She illustrates how to make “boy swag” more feminine by making sure that her hair and make up are laiddddd. Usually pairing the most baggiest of clothes, with some slinky heels, to create her own style. SZA is just my comfort. She’s my go to when I can’t really be asked to look boujee, but still wanting to look fly with the clothes that I have in my wardrobe. All whilst I’m still listening to her album and getting inspiration from each mood she gives.


Kali Uchis

It’s no wonder Kali Uchis and Tyler made music together. Kali Uchis, like Tyler, has her own eccentric style. With a face that has a timeless beauty to it, she contrasts this with wearing some crazy prints and colours – and always seems to make it work. Kali Uchis definitely is one whose fashion style is predominantly feminine, bold and Tumblr’esk’.



Mr West. One of todays most influential fashion icons, hands down. The man who started off as a rapper, now presents himself as an artist – and rightly so. Yeezy has become a household name within the latest fashion brands to come to life over recent years. Kanye unapologetically wears what he wants, because 99.9% of the time he looks fly (that 0.01% being for those blue contacts). With his family now consisting of the worlds most famous women, its understandable that he constantly finds influence. Not only that, but he is one of the worlds most artistic mind sets and isn’t shy in presenting his ideas to us.


Travis Scott

La Flame just overall looks fly. He can flex from high fashion pieces, to wearing the loudest colour and prints he could find, mixing them all together in one outfit, and making it work.  Travis has a dark element to his sound, and somehow manages to have that reflect in his fashion choices. Travis’ attention to detail is partly what pulls his outfits together. His choice in accessories easily make a simple outfit take off.

Jorja Smith

Jorja is a representation of the UK and it’s fashion. Wearing trainers when she can, puffer jackets and tracksuits… but then will show up out of nowhere looking vogue. Jorja  makes her style look effortless. It’s as though she woke up and chucked on the first thing she found, but those pieces being perfectly co-ordinated. Like SZA, Jorja has that style of boy swag, whilst also giving it a girly edge. From her hair and make up, to her fashion sense, she manages to present herself looking natural and untroublesome.

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