Unique Boutique London x 2018

Black Widow Edited (16)Tannika Taylor; I last wrote about this young entrepreneur in 2016. For those of you aren’t familiar with Tannika and her work, let me give you a brief introduction. Tannika is both the business and creative mind of fashion brand Unique Boutique London. I feel it important to highlight here that Tannika hand stitches and sews all her own stock. She is also a self-published writer, with her latest book being titled Time is Money. She has been given the opportunity to discuss her latest self-development book at a community event celebrating Black Excellence in London.

Staying focused on Unique Boutique London; Tannika has got a lot in store for the brand and giving her customers a whole lot of customisation with her products.

Get ready for the summer season with Unique Boutique London’s crochet collection under Tannika’s Gemini Designs sub-brand. Black Widow is what you need to be on the look out for, if you are wanting some personalised designs. This will be the latest addition to the collection and is the definition of “Handmade Art with Sparkle”. The pieces will feature rhinestone detailing – which are all finished by none other then Tannika. These are available customisable in various colours! 2018 is the year for you to get your customised goods, and Tannika is not holding back in providing you with exactly what you want. The custom crochets will be available from the new year.
Now, now gentlemen! Don’t sweat it, you have also been taken into consideration too! The Urban Underground collection will be featuring some fresh, new pieces to keep you cozy. Tannika’s brand proposition for this clothing is to redefine streetwear for both men and women.
It is needless to say that these designs are being made with us customers in mind. I appreciate the efforts put into ones brand and it’s evident that Tannika is physically putting in all of hers to provide us with unique pieces.
Be sure to check out www.uniqueboutiquelondon.co.uk

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