Latin: thread; line; yarn

acia – a newly found fashion brand created by an individual who is looking to break the boundaries in the fashion world. Suril built acia as a brand with individuality and self expression being key elements. There’s no doubt it sets out to be one of the most highly anticipated, up and coming fashion labels to emerge out of 2017. 

With its roots set in the UK, acia encourages us to not follow the path that society dictates! Based off the underground culture that surrounds us – fashion, music, art, raves, festivals and lifestyle are all key in unapologetically expressing yourself. This is one aspect that continues to keep new ideas developing and consistently helps break down the boundaries conforming society. 

The essence of acia is to “Conform against the masses” – a contradictory term that tells you not to conform to social norms and to live how you want to, from fashion to music to lifestyle”. Unisex clothing today allows more freedom to experiment with our own style with limited restrictions; this also falls into acia’s belief of  “Wear what you want to, be who you want to be”.

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Saimahsays: How/Why did you decide on the name acia? 

Suril: So acia means thread in Latin – I liked the look and the sound of it (I pronounce it ah-she-uh). Obviously there’s thread used in garments however, It runs deeper than this as acia acts as the ‘thread’ running through these different aspects of underground culture and connecting them such as the fashion, the music, the art, the parties, the raves. it’s like an umbrella term holding these areas together.

Saimahsays: What 3 things give you the most influence?

Suril: Of course the culture, I like it’s an ambiguous term – there’s so many

2. Everyday life – I like exploring new places and learning about cultures

3. Emotion – this is a creative outlet

Saimahsays: Why did you decide to keep you clothing unisex? and why do you feel as though it is an important direction to head towards? 

Suril: ‘acia’ brand values are centred around eliminating labels and stereotypes from society and being yourself. By maintaining a unisex brand it is one step closer to achieving that. Further I think fashion is moving in this direction anyway and I want to help speed up the process and change people’s perceptions. I’ve seen so many people change their opinion on a garment once they realise it is labelled as the opposite sex to them – even if it fits. I hate the fact that a simple label/title can have such an effect, its so fake. Unfortunately this is a reflection on society and how people are judged based on certain aspects of their lives and not as a person. I

Saimahsays: What made you want to pursue fashion design?

Suril: It’s where my interest has always been and I sort of gravitated towards it naturally. It was also from wanting to wear things which I couldn’t afford.

Saimahsays: What does the future look like for ‘acia’?

Suril: I’m working on my first collection and expanding as a viable business. The business side is draining but I’m trying to get all the logistics in order now to then keep producing dope stuff.

Saimahsays: Do you think you’ve met your vision for acia as a brand?

Suril: I think I’m on the right track, it’s still early days and I’m finding new ways to bring across the brand values and finding the people the brand resonates with. ‘acia’ is all for the underground culture so I’m going to be working with more music artists and creatives in related fields to bring that across and build the culture around the brand too. There’s so many ideas in the works but practically it’s not possible for everything yet – mainly due to funding.

Saimahsays: Who or what is your biggest inspiration to keep on creating? 

SurilMan, avoiding that 9-5 life to be honest. I’m happy if I can get up and do what I love every day you know?
But really I want to give that sense of belonging for those people that feel they’re weird or don’t fit in with their immediate surroundings. Growing up all I wanted to do was fit in so I changed who I was as a person. As I’ve grown I’ve learnt to embrace your differences. The world would be boring if everyone was the same.

Saimahsays:  This field of work is a difficult one to get into and become established. What pushes you to want to succeed within this field in particular, rather then settling for an easier job?

Suril: Like I said, just doing what I enjoy daily. I’ve met so many sick people in the industry and just creatives in general. There is definitely a struggle for now and it’s hard work but I’d rather be investing that time and work into myself than for next man. This field of work allows me to create without boundaries and that’s what I want to keep doing.



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