From the UK to Toronto.

Within my first few days of being in Toronto, I somehow managed to be surrounded by the skate culture that is undoubtedly prominent in this city.  The various skate spots that showcase regular talent from across the globe, are consistent with relentless energy and persistency. A cluster of personalities all of which share this common ground. It’s almost easy to get lost in just observing someones drive and determination to land a trick and anyone who is observing I’m sure can agree in saying that we’re all anticipating it just as much, as we see how close you get with each attempt. What I can say is, watching someone fail 50 times consecutively and then to see them finally land it, is so gratifying. Skate culture is definitely one that you feel to want to be apart of in one way or another and theres no doubt that anyone can be as long as you’re ready just to have fun with it. Just don’t bring your scooters.

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