By far one of the most vibrant countries I have visited and I only visited Cancun, so I can only imagine what else there is to capture. Mexico is so colourful and full of charisma, this alongside the welcoming locals you would only want to stay in Mexico longer… believe me.

This series of images were taken in the Isla Mujeres – a small island off the coast of Cancun, sitting in the Caribbean sea. This tiny island is certainly not lacking in culture and personality, which gave me a tone of moments to capture. I mostly enjoyed the nonchalant mood that everyone seemed to be in, everyone would just enjoy the moment and take things as they came. After visiting Cancun it only encouraged me to want to go back to see other areas of the country as it has so much history and culture, all of which that is celebrated across the world and I can completely understand why.

The people were the highlight of my trip and so I wanted them to be the story tellers in each image. I wanted my images to be purely candid to see how the locals interact with one another, whilst also capturing that care-free demeanour.














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