Whilst on my travels in Toronto, I was introduced to an upcoming artist of the city. Though Paul is in his early stages of development with his brand, he already displays a lot of potential and creativity in his work – all of which appears to be honest to his own ideas. After completing a photoshoot for Paul, featuring his Raise Awareness Trench, I was curious to know the thought process behind his ideas and took this opportunity to better understand a new creative mind. 


Sai: Introduce yourself to anyone who isn’t familiar with your work..

PG: My name is Paul Garcia and I am from Toronto Canada.  I started a clothing brand called Pabillon Blvd, where I essentially take thrifted garments and re-design them into new pieces.  Somewhat like upcycling.
Sai: How did you come about doing what you do? 
PG: I was in my last year of University and I realized that I would not last in the 9-5 world.  So I started looking at businesses I can start on my own.  I consider myself a person with style and growing up I would be on the computer all day looking at sneakers, so I decided to start a clothing brand so I can wear dope pieces with my kicks as well as sharing my designs with others.

Sai: Where do you get your inspiration from to create?

PG: I get my inspiration from living everyday life but more specifically the TTC. I spend roughly 3-4 hours on the TTC everyday and you all sorts of styles and unique people.
Sai: Are there any other artists that you admire?
PG: I like Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, Jerry Lorenzo etc… Virgil for his presentation; from the way it’s packaged, tagged with the orange tag, the color scheme. Hero Preston because I like the color orange and it’s minimalistic but eye catching designs. Jerry Lorenzo because I like the way he actually constructs and designs the pieces.  I like the way his shoes look especially the Nike collab. The Nike collab doesn’t look like anything else trending out there.
Sai: How would you describe your brand?
PG: The best way I can describe a Pabillon Blvd is always evolving/trying something new.  I find it hard to describe my brand or what I do because sometimes words can label you and put you in a box. And Pabillon Blvd is about freedom to create.
Sai: Can you tell us about your thought process behind the Raise Awareness Trench?
PG: Well for the Raise Awareness Jacket.  I found the jacket at a thrift store and what gravitates me towards it was the color scheme and the fact that it was a trench coat.  I had it for a month or two then I came across the breast cancer fabric online and thought it would fit perfectly because of the colour and it had a message in it.

Sai: What are the main challenges you face as an upcoming artist? And how are you overcoming them? 

PG: Consistency.  As a creative, consistency is sometimes hard because somedays you simply don’t have the inspiration to create.  Or being such a perfectionist that you don’t feel like what you created is worth putting out for the public to see.  I deal with this by focusing more on the business side, such as networking events, doing photoshoots etc. And when a creative spark hits I stop what I am doing and write/draw it out.
Also discipline.  There’s so much freedom in being an artist that you neglect the business aspect of it.  Like going to networking events, meeting deadlines etc. I’m trying to be better disciplined by surrounding myself with disciplined people.

Sai: What can we expect to see from you in the future and are your items available to purchase anywhere right now?


Paul’s IG: @PabillonBlvd

Model: @Nawhhfam 

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